Renson Fuel Saving Device now in UK

Fuel Saving DeviceFuel Saving Device

Fuel Saving Device to the Rescue

With fuel prices continually rising Renson Fuels have launched the RENSON FUEL SAVING DEVICE for Diesel and Petrol cars and vans.  

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Suitable for Cars

The fuel saving device is suitable for all Petrol and Diesel cars. The two-piece kit is ready for use without any need for engine tinkering or adjustment. With a 24-month mechanical failure guarantee and a further 8-year performance guarantee available the product will save on average 15% fuel. The price includes installation through our National Installation Network or it can be fitted by any competent person.

For Vans

With vans providing the very fabric of the logistics network and the means for many small business to operate, increasing fuel prices are a challenge. The Renson Fuel saving device designed for Petrol and Diesel Vans up to 200ltr Fuel Tanks will assist with reducing fuel costs. In trials we have seen between 10 and 12% saving on both Petrol and Diesel engines.  The price can be with or without installation.

Fast Return on Investment

The Fuel Saving Device changes the molecular aggregation of the fuel from larger clusters to smaller clusters or even single molecules by breaking down the Van der Waals force between the fuel molecules. The smaller fuel molecules expose a larger surface area for improved contact with oxygen which produces a better combustion reaction, inturn allowing greater fuel efficiency. The typical return on investment is between 4 and 6 months see further details RensonUK